[Stable Isotope Mass Spec. x2]

DI/GC-C IRMS (IsoPrime100 with 7890b/C/DI) 2014.1-
GC IRMS (IsoPrime100 with 7890a/MICAL3c) 2014.3-

[Picarro L2130-i]

CRDS isotope analyzer for H2O



[Original Devices]

MICAL3c (prep. system for microscale analysis, 2011)

DICAL (for DIC, 2011-) 

DODES (operation software)

SPICAL2 (prep. system for high precision analysis, 2012)

manifold system for DI (2009-)

MICAL2 (2006-)

Nandemo Vacuum Line 01 — 完成!

Vacuum Line 02 

Tools ?


Stereomicroscope (Leica S9D) x7

Stereomicroscope (Leica M205C with 3D)

Polarizing Microscope (Leica)

Fluorescence Polarizing Microscope (Olympus BX53)

 Turbo Pump (Pfeiffer) x2

Turbo Pump (Edwards)

Polisher (2023-)

Constant Temperature Bath x2

Ultrasonic Bath

Ultra Micro Valance (1µg < )

Freezer (-60C)

Dryer x2

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Container x2

Freeze Dryer

Gas Chromatograph (Agilent 7890 x 3)

Micro Gas Chromatograph